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Our golf simulators are powered by Trackman

Tap In Leesburg is proud to offer seven of the most advanced golf simulators available today, powered by Trackman technology. These simulators use radar-based tracking systems to accurately measure every aspect of your swing, from ball speed and spin rate to launch angle and trajectory. The result is a highly realistic virtual golf experience that is both entertaining and informative.

One of the key features of the Trackman simulators at Tap In Leesburg is their accuracy. Unlike other simulators that rely on optical tracking or other less reliable methods, Trackman uses radar to track the ball's flight from the moment it leaves the clubface. This allows the simulator to provide incredibly accurate data on every shot, including distance, accuracy, ball flight parameters, and every aspect of your swing. Our Trackman systems also include video playback of your swing so you can evaluate and improve it. This data is then displayed on a high-resolution screen via projector, creating a lifelike virtual golf experience that is second to none.

Trackman displays all of the data on your swing onto a projector screen in your bay.

Another benefit of the Trackman technology used in the simulators at Tap In Leesburg is its versatility. With customizable settings and a wide variety of courses to choose from, you can tailor your golfing experience to suit your preferences and skill level. Trackman offers over 250 golf courses to play. Everything from Pebble Beach to Saint James. You can see our list of courses here. Players can even tweak the weather conditions of each course to add even further challenges to their experience. Our Trackman technology also includes an app that allows you to keep track of all the data on your swings from your phone.

Link to Trackman App on Google Play store.
Link to Trackman app on Apple App store.

In addition to the realistic golfing experience, Trackman golf simulators also include a variety of fun games and challenges that are perfect for children. These games can help keep kids engaged and motivated to practice their skills, while also adding an element of excitement and competition to the experience. Some of the popular games available on Trackman simulators for kids include "Bullseye," where players aim for different targets in a virtual old west town, "Streets of Neon," which features a variety of colorful and crazy miniature golf courses to play on, and "Hit It!," where players compete to hit the ball the farthest distance. These games can make learning and practicing golf a fun and interactive experience for children, helping them develop a love for the sport and build their skills in a playful way.

Trackman Bullseye game mode example.
Our bays are powered by Trackman technology.
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