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Designed to be a destination for golfers and non-golfers alike, Tap In invites visitors of all ages, skill levels and interests to enjoy a premier indoor golf experience. Bring your own or use our complimentary clubs to play, practice, take a lesson, compete in a league, or simply come hang out and have fun. This modern, unintimidating space features a full bar, casual dining, HDTVs throughout and a gracious, engaging staff. In warmer months our space expands to include an outdoor deck, a lively spot for enjoying some great food and drink. An indoor putting green allows guests to practice putting rain or shine, while our eight climate-controlled golf bays feature high-definition graphics and cutting-edge technology that give golfers an incredibly lifelike, visually stunning experience as they play on some of the world’s most celebrated golf courses.

Avid golfers will find this all-weather setting an ideal place to up their game, whether it’s taking in a full eighteen when there’s a blizzard outside, breaking up their workday with an hour on the putting green or virtual driving range, meeting a business associate, or joining a league to compete against other players. Those just starting out or the casual golfer can take a lesson or learn about the fundamentals in a relaxed, accessible setting. Even those who have never picked up a club before – and have no intention of doing so – will find the friendly, fun atmosphere simply a great place to hang out.