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We live in an on-demand culture: instant gratification is the norm these days. Why should golf be any different? Tap In’s climate-controlled golf bays and indoor putting green serve as a destination where you can always get your swings in, no matter what’s happening outdoors. Yet our mission is broader than that. Not everyone who comes to Tap In is a golf fanatic. Certainly, those who live and breathe golf will find kindred spirits here. But even those who have never picked up a club in their lives will find themselves enjoying the good food and drink and the accessible, friendly vibe. Tap In might mean different things to different people, but the end game is the same: a unique atmosphere and fun experience that wins everyone over.

Tap In’s “Why” hits upon three distinct reasons/audiences:

  1. Golf on demand
  2. It’s social, entertaining and fun
  3. Invaluable feedback

Why? Because Tap In makes every season golf season.

It’s too hot, too cold, too rainy, too dark. Or perhaps you don’t have enough time to play a full round on the course. Maybe you have been wanting to take lessons but find the country club atmosphere too stuffy or intimidating. Or perhaps you’ve got kids crawling up the walls at home and you need an indoor venue where they can let off some steam. Tap In makes it easy to fit golf into your life, on your time, any time.

Why? It’s fun, it’s social and it’s something different.

Tap In was designed for gathering. For fun. For all season entertainment that includes a lively, welcoming atmosphere and great food and drink. Whether you’re a golfer or simply looking for a place to hang out with the family, a group of friends or your company team, Tap In’s got you covered. There’s truly something for everyone here.

Why? Valuable feedback for improvement.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your game, Tap In’s golf simulators make it easier to get in more practice and play. But they also provide actionable, accurate feedback you don’t get on the golf course. For each shot you hit, you’ll have the opportunity to get instant data about your distances, ball speed, path range, spin rates, launch angle and more. Dive into your game as deeply as you’d like to better understand your swing, have a clearer picture of what you’re doing right (and wrong), and ultimately, have the chance to dramatically improve your game.