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PXG Fitting Day at Tap In Leesburg, May 26th

Updated: Apr 28

Hey there golfers! Are you tired of hitting that same old driver that you inherited from your grandpa's garage sale? Well, you're in luck because Tap In Leesburg is hosting a golf club fitting event with the prestigious golf club company PXG on May 26th from 1 PM to 8 PM. Not only will you have the chance to swing some of the latest and greatest clubs on the market, but you'll also get fitted by the pros at PXG. Trust us, it's like getting a tailored suit but for your golf game. So, if you want to upgrade your golf game and impress your buddies on the course, come on down to Tap In Leesburg on May 26th and let PXG help you tap into your inner pro. So, mark your calendars and follow this link to sign up for the club fitting.

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